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Experts in Hydrogen Measurement


+49 (0)69 247544980  • info@archigas.de


Experts in Hydrogen Measurement

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Leader in Hydrogen Measurement

Archigas GmbH is a gas analysis specialist based in Rüsselsheim am Main/Germany.  Archigas is known for its innovative measurement technology for particularly fast, precise, stable and even moisture-independent H2 detection to the general public for the first time. In collaboration with RheinMain University of Applied Sciences (HSRM), Archigas has implemented the high-precision thermal conductivity measurement principle in a new technical way and combined it with semiconductor technology to create the multi-talented innovative microsensor. With this solution, which has been developed to market maturity, the company immediately made it onto the podium of the "Hessen Champions 2023". 


Revolution in hydrogen measurement

The compact and robust TCD3000 SI (Screw-In) transmitter is ideally suited for precise, fast, and sensitive measurement of (quasi-)binary gas mixtures. The measurement is based on the principle of thermal conductivity. This technology is ideal for measuring gases with significantly different thermal conductivities, such as H2 and O2.

TCD3000 Screw-In Transmitter

 Our Advantages:


Revolutionary precision in hydrogen concentration measurement: Discover our gas measuring devices with industry-leading response time of 30 ms and a measurement range from a few ppm to 100 vol%, specially developed for the new requirements of the hydrogen infrastructure in the energy sector and process industry.


Unrivalled robustness for demanding environments: Our devices resist condensate and water without damage, provide precise measurements up to a pressure of 700 bar, and are optimized for use in humid environments – ideal for electrolysers, fuel cells, and other hydrogen applications.


Maximum safety, minimal maintenance: Increase your work safety with our fast and reliable explosion level monitoring. Our devices are a long-term investment with a lifespan of up to 10 years.


Adaptability meets economy: Save costs and space with our versatile gas measuring devices that can measure a wide variety of gas mixtures without additional sample preparation. A cost-efficient solution that surpasses the competition in terms of price and performance.


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